Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pick up unpacked (bare) items?

Yes, in fact this is why we founded our company. Unlike other delivery companies that require that your item be boxed and ready, we will pick up an unpacked item, pack it and ship it for you. We call this “hands-free” shipping, “hands-free” for you, the customer.

Do you have minimum quantity requirements?

No, we don’t have any minimum quantity requirements. We will pick up a single item or multiple items from your home or office.

Do you have maximum size requirements for items you pick up and ship?

No. We pick up items of any size however certain significantly oversized items may require our specialty hauling team and may take longer than usual to pick-up and ship.

Do you ship cars, motorcycles or boats?

No, we do not ship any motorized items. We however ship just about any other item (electronics, household appliances, art, flat-panel TVs, laptops, computers, bicycles, scooters, furniture etc).

What locations do you pick up from?

We are located across the U.S and pick up items from just about any zip code.

When will my item be shipped?

Your items will ship out from our location no later than 1 day after they are picked up. However, many items ship out same day. Your ship date depends on the size of your items and the quantity being shipped.

When will my item be delivered?

This will depend on the delivery date that you specify when you place your order.

Do you pick up items from business locations?

Yes, we pick up items from business locations including corporate locations and warehouses, all we need is your full business address.

Do you pick up items from residences?

Yes, we pick up items from homes, apartments, condos, town homes etc. All we need is an address.

Can I use your services to ship my auction purchases?

Yes, we pick-up items from auction houses and auctioneers across the U.S. Our system also allows you send us authorization form to pick up your items.

Do I have to be present for you to pick up my item?

No, your item can be across town or across the country. We pick up remote items from just about any location in the U.S. We just require that someone be available to hand the item(s) to us.