On-Demand Shipping

We are pioneering a new wave in the shipping industry with a service that offers customers the ability to ship just about anything without lifting a finger. We eliminate the “minimum load” requirements of traditional moving companies; this means we will pick-up, pack, ship and deliver even a single item at the request of the customer. Our service is truly “hands-free” and hassle-free and is perfectly complemented by being available to our customers on-demand.

Our on-demand shipping service is available as soon as it’s required and whenever required. Unlike other delivery companies that service your request based on available capacity and based on their own schedules, we provide our services based on the customer’s schedule. Perfect for last-minute shipping needs, auction shipping, small moves, artwork shipping, antique shipping, shipping large or awkwardly-shaped items or shipping just about anything that isn’t motorized, our services are available on-demand by the simple click of a button.