Personal Shipper

Let’s face it, shipping is a hassle!! Finding a shipping box, gathering wrapping paper or bubble wrap, hoping you have proper box tape, driving to the post office or ‘Pack and Ship’ store and standing in line waiting your turn are things most people would rather not do. That’s where inShipper comes in, we take away all that ‘pain’.

inShipper is especially unique because we do what other delivery companies hate to do: PICK UP and PACKING. We will pick up your unpacked item and pack it for you, other companies will only accept packed items.

So, we can help you:

  • Avoid ransacking your garage, basement or attic frantically searching for a shipping box
  • Avoid leaving the comfort of your home to get to the post office or pack and ship store
  • Avoid waiting in line at the post office or pack and ship store