About inShipper

inShipper’s founders wondered why all delivery companies require that a customer box an item before it would be accepted for shipping and so they set out to start a company that would pick up unpacked items, box it and ship it for the customer, taking the hassle out of shipping.

inShipper was founded in 2016 and is pioneering a new wave in the shipping and delivery industry where shipping services can be ordered on your mobile device from the comfort of your home providing a “hands-free” and hassle-free delivery experience.

inShipper is truly the first company with a nationwide footprint that would pick-up an unpacked item of any size from just about any location in the U.S. Whether you’re buying from an online auction or a craigslist posting, inShipper is only a few miles away when you can’t be available to pick up your item. Don’t feel like scrambling to find a shipping box and stand in long post office lines? Call on us and we’ll come to you.