Auction Sellers/Buyers

Auction sellers and auctioneers can leverage the inShipper Start-to-End service as a reliable pick-up & delivery service for their customers and clients.

Whether an auction seller runs its auctions in one location, runs auctions at multiple client locations or operates an online-based auction service, inShipper provides a pick-up & delivery service that’s available nationwide.

Auction sellers can focus on their core business of auctioneering and leave the shipping & delivery to inShipper.

With a reliable delivery service available to customers nationwide, auction sellers provide their customers a better all-round auction/buying experience which will improve auction sales and revenue

Auction buyers can participate in auctions and shop with peace of mind without the worry of having to pack and transport their purchases themselves.

Auction buyers can shop remotely on an auctioneer’s online platform and utilize inShipper’s nationwide service for pick-up & delivery